Get your PeruSIM and share your best selfies in Peru!

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What is PeruSIM?

PeruSIM is the easiest way to get your phone online in Peru. We give you the best alternative to getting a local sim card by offering the best coverage, speed and value.

Avoid long ques, language barriers and getting ripped-off!



How does PeruSIM work?


Order PeruSIM Online

Purchase one of our data plans and order your PeruSIM before your arrival to Peru. 


Pickup your PeruSIM in Lima

When you arrive in Lima you can pick up the SIM card at one of our pick-up points. All you need to do it bring your passport.


Insert and Enjoy

Your PeruSIM will be automatically topped-up with the data plan you purchased. You will be able to check your data consumption and buy extra data through the PeruSIM App!



"PeruSIM, especially, is an excellent option for tourists. This is because, unlike the traditional providers listed above, PeruSIM is focused solely on tourists, and optimize their offerings accordingly..." Read more here!

Pick-up Locations

Calle Libertad 176, oficina 411, Miraflores, Lima, Peru

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